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To quickly link to a Bates book for more details, use the list below:


Click book title for details.

¶ - denotes currently in print.

The Spring Song & In View of the Fact That E. Archer 1927
Day's End and Other Stories Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1928
Seven Tales and Alexander The Scholartis Press 1929
The Black Boxer Pharos Editions 1932
The Story Without an End The White Owl Press 1932
The House with the Apricot The Golden Cockerel Press 1933
The Woman who had Imagination Jonathan Cape Ltd 1934
Thirty Tales Jonathan Cape Ltd 1934
Cut and Come Again Jonathan Cape Ltd 1935
A House of Women Jonathan Cape Ltd 1936
Something Short and Sweet Jonathan Cape Ltd 1936
Country Tales Readers' Union Ltd. 1938
The Flying Goat Jonathan Cape Ltd 1939
My Uncle Silas  ¶ Jonathan Cape Ltd 1939
The Beauty of the Dead Jonathan Cape Ltd 1940
The Greatest People in the World
(Flying Officer X)
Jonathan Cape Ltd 1942
How Sleep the Brave  ¶
(Flying Officer X)
Jonathan Cape Ltd 1943
O More Than Happy Countryman Country Life Limited 1943
There's Something in the Air
(Flying Officer X)
Jonathan Cape Ltd 1944
Thirty One Selected Tales Jonathan Cape Ltd 1947
The Bride Comes to Evensford & Other Tales Jonathan Cape Ltd 1949
Colonel Julien Michael Joseph 1951
The Grass God John Murray 1951
The Country of White Clover Michael Joseph 1952
The Nature of Love Michael Joseph 1953
The Daffodil Sky Michael Joseph 1955
Death of a Huntsman Michael Joseph 1957
Selected Stories Penguin Books 1957
Sugar for the Horse Michael Joseph 1957
The Watercress Girl Michael Joseph 1959
An Aspidistra in Babylon Michael Joseph 1960
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal Michael Joseph 1961
The Golden Oriole Michael Joseph 1962
Seven by Five Michael Joseph 1963
The Fabulous Mrs V Michael Joseph 1964
The Wedding Party Michael Joseph 1965
The Four Beauties Michael Joseph 1968
The Wild Cherry Tree Michael Joseph 1968
The Song of the Wren Michael Joseph 1972
The Grapes of Paradise Penguin 1974
The Yellow Meads of Asphodel Michael Joesph 1976
The Poison Ladies & Other Stories Wheaton 1976
A Month By The Lake and Other Stories New Directions 1987
A Party For The Girls - Six Stories New Directions 1988
Elephant's Nest in a Rhubarb Tree New Directions 1989
Love in a Wych Elm & Other Stories  ¶ Capuchin Classics 2009