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Films and TV

The Little Farm

1973. Directed by Silvio Narizzano.

Tom Richards is a farmer who lives alone and decides to advertise for a companion-housekeeper to come and live with him. Tom is a good, kind man but is illiterate and as a bachelor hasn't put much effort into keeping house. He works his farm with the help of Jack and basically keeps to himself. When Edna Johnson applies for the job, he is quite pleased. She is attractive and a hard worker. They develop a mutual respect that leads to love and soon they are sharing the same bed. Edna soon realizes however that Jack has been taking advantage of Tom's good nature and sets out to rectify the situation. Jack however isn't going to just sit there and has his own plan, particularly when he learns Edna's secret.

Based on the short story The Little Farm. Filmed for the TV series Country Matters.

Principal Cast:

Information taken from The Internet Movie Database

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