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Bates & The Illustrators

During his lifetime, H.E. Bates was fortunate to work with many of Britain's lading illustrators making his many of his books not only great to read but beautiful to look at too.

The wood engravings of C.F. Tunnicliffe and Agnes Miller Parker were very important for the books in which they were used, complimenting the beautiful descriptions of the English countryside perfectly. The publishers knew that having such illustrious artists names on the book covers, next to Bates' name, would make them very collectable.

It is not known whether the commissions were requested by the author or the publisher but it is known that at least one, William Roberts, who illustrated The Spring Song and In View of the Fact That in 1927, was a friend of the writer at the time as was John Ward who illustrated the three parts of Bates' autobiography. It is also thought likely that others including Ardizzone, Tunnicliffe, Agnes Miller Parker and Carol Barker who worked with H.E. on more than one book each, would have become friends too.

This section of the website will grow to include examples of each of the main illustrators of Bates' books and any further information known about the collaborations.