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The Campaign

The Blossoming World

First Published in 1971 by Michael Joseph.

Following the success of The VAnished World, aprt two of H.E. Bates's autobiography takes up his life in 1926, when he was twenty and had just published his first novel, The Two Sisters.

"His book harmoniously brings together three elements: his effort to find a satisfying form for his creative writing, his life with and growing family in the quiet of the country, and his spirited recation to events in the wider world and especially to the threat of war. The warmly evocative style of the book is delightfully caught in John Ward's illustrations."
The Scotsman

"One marvels at his resilience as much as one enjoys his prose. Here are the marshy meadows of Northamptonshire, the gardens and hopfields of Kent which form the background of so many of his books, so richly evoked that one can almost smell them."
The Observer

Currently in print as An Autobiography (The Vanished World/The Blossoming World/The World in Ripeness with Methuen.

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