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The Campaign

A Love of Flowers

First Published in 1971 by Michael Joseph

A Love of Flowers

In achieving a long-cherished ambition to write a gardening book H.E. Bates has taken for his starting point a serious illness that overtook him in 1966, when serious illness threatened not only his career as a writer but all activities in the way of gardening, his major source of recreation.

Happily these fears were unfounded. Nevertheless he feels strongly that eventual recovery has a smuch to do with the therapeutic value of his garden as with medicine. This book is therefore not merely one of gardening advice, though it is essentially sound and practical, describing as it does a host of plants, exotic as well as hardy, long-loved as well as uncommon, which the author grows in his garden in the heart of Kent. It is also highly personal and perhaps, in parts, controversial. In embracing the entire garden year, from the first winter crocuses in December to the first glimpse of roses in November, it is an aesthetic as well as instructive testament, full of enthusiasm, good sense, good humour, much horticultural knowledge and an unashamed joy in the miracle of leaf, flower and earth.

"A distillation of all the gardening books that I have been trying to write throughout my life."
Beverley Nichols, Sunday Times

"Beautifully illustrated... and attractively produced, the book gives sound advice as well as aesthetic pleasure and helpful practical information about unusual exotic plants and common ones."
Times Literary Supplement

"Mr Bates writes with knowledge and humour."
Evening Standard

"His book is a conucopia of ideas."
Daily Telegraph

"He brings t garden writing his wonderful descriptive prose."
The Field

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