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The Campaign

Fair Stood The Wind For France

First Published in 1944 by Michael Joseph Limited.

Fair Stood The Wind For France

When John Franklin brings his plane down into Occupied France at the height of the Second World war, there are two things in his mind - the safety of his crew and his own badly injured arm. It is a stroke of unbelievable luck when the family of a French farmer risk their lives to offer the airmen protection.

During the hot summer weeks that follow, the English officer and the daughter of the house are drawn inexorably to each other...

"Fair Stood the Wind for France is perhaps the finest novel of the war... The scenes are exquisitely done and the characters - tenderly and beautifully drawn - are an epitome of all that is best in the youth of the two countries. This is a fine, lovely book which makes the heart beat with pride."
Daily Telegraph.

Currently in print with Penguin Classics.

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