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To quickly link to a Bates book for more details, use the list below:


Click book title for details.

¶ - denotes currently in print.

The Two Sisters Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1926
The Seekers John & Edward Bumpus 1926
Catherine Foster Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1929
The Tree E. Lahr 1930
The Hessian Prisoner William Jackson Ltd. 1930
Charlotte's Row Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1931
A Threshing Day W. & G. Foyle Ltd. 1931
Mrs Esmond's Life E. Lahr 1931
Sally Go Round the Moon The White Owl Press 1932
A German Idyll The Golden Cockerel Press 1932
The Fallow Land Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1932
The Poacher Jonathan Cape Ltd 1935
Flowers and Faces The Golden Cockerel Press 1935
The Duet Grayson & Grayson 1935
Spella Ho Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1938
I Am Not Myself 1939
Bride Comes to Evensford Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1943
Fair Stood the Wind for France  ¶ Michael Joseph 1944
The Cruise of the Breadwinner Michael Joseph 1946
The Purple Plain  ¶ Michael Joseph 1947
The Jacaranda Tree  ¶ Michael Joseph 1949
Dear Life Michael Joseph 1949
The Scarlet Sword Michael Joseph 1950
Love for Lydia  ¶ Michael Joseph 1952
The Feast of July  ¶ Michael Joseph 1954
The Sleepless Moon  ¶ Michael Joseph 1956
The Darling Buds of May  ¶ Michael Joseph 1958
A Breath of French Air  ¶ Michael Joseph 1959
When the Green Woods Laugh  ¶ Michael Joseph 1960
The Day of the Tortoise Michael Joseph 1961
Achilles the Donkey Dennis Dobson 1962
A Crown of Wild Myrtle Michael Joseph 1962
Achilles and Diana Dennis Dobson 1963
Oh! To be in England  ¶ Michael Joseph 1963
A Moment in Time Michael Joseph 1964
Achilles and the Twins Dennis Dobson 1964
The Distant Horns of Summer Michael Joseph 1967
The White Admiral Dennis Dobson 1968
A Little of What You Fancy  ¶ Michael Joseph 1970
The Triple Echo Michael Joseph 1970
Dulcima Penguin 1971