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Through Other's Eyes
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"That's not the attitude I'd been given to expect from the H.E. Bates novels I've read."
Paul McGann's character in Withnail and I

"One of the most vividly evocative writers of English ... able to conjure up in a handful of words whole landscapes and moods."

V.S. Pritchett

"... He was always at his best in the country landscape of his childhood where the hours seemed fuller and longer."
V.S. Pritchett

"He was without an equal in England in the kind of story he made his own."
The Times

"H.E. Bates can achieve a quality of lyrical intensity that few contemporary novelists can match."
Times Literary Supplement

"After 60 years of writing and reading, I would place H.E. Bates and V.S. Pritchett as he best short-story writers of my time."
Graham Greene

Graham Greene