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The Campaign

Country Tales

First Published in 1938 by Readers' Union Ltd.


  1. The Easter Blessing
  2. Never
  3. The Black Boxer
  4. Death in Spring
  5. The Story Without An End
  6. The Gleaner
  7. The Woman who had Imagination
  8. Time
  9. The Waterfall
  10. Innocence
  11. Sally Go round The Moon
  12. The Brothers
  13. Beauty's Daughters
  14. Cut and Come Again
  15. The Mill
  16. Waiting Room
  17. Little Fish
  18. The Station
  19. The House With The Apricot
  20. The Plough
  21. Jonah And Bruno
  22. The Bath
  23. Harvest Moon
  24. The Pink Cart
  25. Cloudburst
  26. Italian Haircut
  27. The Palace
  28. The Kimono
  29. The Landlady
  30. Breeze Anstey

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