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The Campaign

The Four Beauties

First Published in 1968 by Michael Joseph Ltd.

The Four Beauties

The Simple Life: Stella and Barty 'escape' to their country cottage every weekend. Stella hates it until she meets Roger, a shy and beautiful adolescent...

The Four Beauties: A man looks back on his affairs with the lovely Davenport sisters, Tina, Sophie and Christabel ...

The Chords of Youth: Aunt Leonara, that amiable crack-pot, takes up the cause of Anglo-German relations.

The White Wind: The story of a South Sea island community, and the crisis that restores Fat Uncle's will to live.

"This sense of beauty, it seems to me, is evoked by the author's unswerving acceptance of life. It is this which makes his flowers, trees, birds, skies, whatever it be, different from those of other writers."
Henry Miller.


  1. The Simple Life
  2. The Four Beauties
  3. The Chords of Youth
  4. The White Wind

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