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The Campaign

The Grapes of Paradise

First Published in 1974 by Penguin Books in Association with Michael Joseph Ltd.

The Grapes of Paradise

Eight novellas which reaffirm H. E. Bates's place in the top rank of short story writers.

Setting his scenes with subtle skill - a seaside garrison town, the Italian lakes, a Spanish port, an island off Tahiti - he probes with a sharp yet compassionate irony the illusions, deceits - and the joys - that tangle human relationships.

"Mr Bates must be one of the most vividly evocative writers ... able to conjure up in a handful of words whole landscapes and moods."


  1. Death of a Huntsman
  2. Night Run to the West
  3. Summer in Salander
  4. The Queen of Spain Fritillary
  5. An Aspidistra in Babylon
  6. A Month By The Lake
  7. A Prospect of Orchards
  8. The Grapes of Paradise

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