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The Campaign

Seven by Five

First Published in 1963 by Michael Joseph Ltd.

Seven by Five

'Every morning Mrs Eglantine sat at the round bamboo bar of the New Pacific Hotel and drank her breakfast...'

'"We are surrounded by the most ghastly people," the captain said. All across miles of unbroken pasture there was not another house...'

'Twice a month, going back to the tea garden in the north, the took Darjeeling night mail out of the heat of Calcutta...'

'I first met him on a black wet night towards the end of the war, in one of those station buffets where the solitary spoon used to be tied to the counter by a piece of string...'

Worlds apart - but the same world. Subtle, passionate, tantalizing and direct, these stories, written from the mid twenties to the early thirties, confirm H.E. Bates in his role as a master of the English short story.

Author's Note:

The earliest of these stories, The Flame, was first published in 1926, having been written a year earlier, when I was twenty; the latest appeared in 1961. The intervening thirty-five years, together with the thirty-five stories I have chosen from that period, therefore give the collection its title, Seven by Five. My aim has been to make the book as widely representative of my work as a short-story writer as possible, but I have nevertheless refrained from including any of the war-time stories I wrote under the pseudnym of Flying Officer X, any of the stories of Uncle Silas and novellas, since these all belong, in my view, to quite separate categories.

  1. The Flame
  2. A Flower Piece
  3. The Mower
  4. Time
  5. The Mill
  6. The Station
  7. The Kimono
  8. Breeze Anstey
  9. The Ox
  10. Colonel Julian
  11. The Lighthouse
  12. The Flag
  13. The Frontier
  14. A Christmas Song
  15. The Major of Hussars
  16. Elaine
  17. The Daffodil Sky
  18. The Good Corn
  19. Country Society
  20. Acrosss The Bay
  21. Chaff in the Wind
  22. The Evolution of Saxby
  23. Go, Lovely Rose
  24. The Maker of Coffins
  25. Love in a Wych Elm
  26. Let's Play Soldiers
  27. The Watercress Girl
  28. The Cowslip Field
  29. Great Uncle Crow
  30. The Enchantress
  31. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
  32. Where The Cloud Breaks
  33. Lost Ball
  34. Thelma
  35. Mrs Eglantine

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