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The Campaign

There's Something in the Air

First Published in 1943 by Jonathan Cape Ltd.

  1. It's Never In The Papers
  2. There's No Future In It
  3. The Young Man from Kalgoorlie
  4. It's Just The Way It Is
  5. The Sun Rises Twice
  6. No Trouble At All
  7. A Personal War
  8. K for Kitty
  9. The Greatest People in the World
  10. Macintyre's Magna Carta
  11. The BEginning of Things
  12. Li Tale
  13. The Disinherited
  14. Sorry, No Saccharine
  15. Sergeant Carmichael
  16. O'Callaghan's Girl
  17. Yours is the Earth
  18. Morning Victory
  19. Free Choice, Free World
  20. Here We Go Again
  21. There's Something in the Air
  22. Glossary of RAF Slang

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