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The Campaign

Thirty One Selected Tales

First Published in 1947 by Jonathan Cape Ltd.

Thirty One Selected Tales Thirty One Selected Tales

This selection is intended to illustrate the range and full maturity of Mr H.E. Bates's art as a writer of short stories. Of one of the five volumes from which a choice has been made The Times expressed an opinion that may apply to them all and especially to the present book:

"His tales have, what current short story writing of the more literary type so often lacks, a real vitality, a kind of sunlit vivacity of phrase and icident, which gives brightness to stories even of relatively sombre themes... He can mingle comedy and emotion with a fine balance. He is alwasy sensitive, often tender, and has a fine detatchment in narrative and power of complete evocation in description."

Certainly this collection is representative in its variety and general level of accomplishment.


  1. The Ox
  2. Chateau Bougainvillaea
  3. A German Idyll
  4. For The Dead
  5. Every Bullet Has Its Billet
  6. The Irishman
  7. Spring Snow
  8. Millenium Also Ran
  9. The Blind
  10. Elephant's Nest In A Rhubarb Tree
  11. The Dog and Mr Morency
  12. The Banjo
  13. Fuchsia
  14. The Man Who Loved Cats
  15. Mister Livingstone
  16. Something Short and Sweet
  17. I Am Not Myself
  18. The Wreath
  19. The Machine
  20. The Ship
  21. The Beauty of the Dead
  22. Mr Penfold
  23. The Bridge
  24. The Ferry
  25. The Loved One
  26. Time to Kill
  27. The Little Jeweller
  28. Love is not Love
  29. The Earth
  30. The White Pony
  31. No Country

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