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The Campaign

The Wild Cherry Tree

First Published in 1968 by Michael Joseph Ltd.

The Wild Cherry Tree

In each of these ten stories H.E. Bates evokes places and defines a life you could never before have imagined. A pig farmer's wife secretly builds up a 'rich, expensive and dazzling' wardrobe to esacpe the filthy squalor of her life; a hypocritical do-gooder is driven to more than distraction by two Jaguar belt sirens; a woman wearing odd stockings gets involved with a man who reads his newspaper upside down ...

The Wild Cherry Tree shows Bates at his most tense and immediate: observing with baleful accuracy just what happens when people are 'thrown suddenly with neither direction nor compass into territory utterly strange or unexplained'.


  1. Halibut Jones
  2. The Wild Cherry Tree
  3. Some Other Spring
  4. The World Upside-Down
  5. How Vainly Men Themselves Amaze
  6. The First Day of Christmas
  7. The Black Magnolia
  8. Love Me Little, Love Me Long
  9. Same Time, Same Place
  10. The Middle of Nowhere

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