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The Campaign

Ten Ways You Can Help The Campaign

  1. Social Networking. If you are on Facebook, please join the group and the Fan Page. Also please post a link on your profile to the group or the website. You never know, you may have friends who are Bates fans and you never knew. Others may just look out of curiosity! If you are on Twitter, did you know you can follow Pop Larkin and My Uncle Silas? Please follow them and recommend them to others as well. If you like any of their tweets, please ReTweet them too!
  2. Friends. If social networking isn't you thing, talk to your friends about H.E. Bates and this campaign. Ask them if they have read any of his books and recommend one or two they might like.
  3. Presents. Got an awkward friend or relation you never know what to buy for birthday presents? Why not a Bates book*? There are some great ones available - something for all tastes!
  4. Treat Yourself. Why not treat yourself to a new Bates book*?
  5. Ask. Next time you are in a bookshop, whether in the market for a new Bates book or not, ask where you might find his books. If enough people do this, it might create a buzz among staff that gets back to head office.
  6. Display. Again, next time you are in a bookshop, when you have located the Bates books (see above), rearrange the books a bit so that at least one of his books faces outwards. The Methuen reissues have such great covers at the moment, they might just catch a new readers eye as they look for something else.
  7. Type. Next time you find yourself in front of a computer with a few minutes to kill, log onto websites like Waterstones, Amazon, Borders or Play and type H.E. Bates into the search field. Big stores like this will record search entries for patterns and this again could start a bit of a buzz.
  8. Interact. If you are part of the Facebook group or Fan Page, or follow Pop Larkin or My Uncle Silas on Twitter, interact with other fans or followers. Let's get some discussions going. It's a great way to meet fellow Bates fans!
  9. Book Group. If you are part of a reading group, why not recommend an H.E. Bates book as the next book to read? If you aren't part of a reading group, why not join or start one? Waterstones host some and list local ones on their website.
  10. Write. Write to your local MP or celebrity or stop them in the street. Ask them if they have read any H.E. Bates and whether they would be willing to endorse this campaign. It would be really great to get some credibility from the rich and famous joining us!

* If you are in the market for buying a book either for yourself or a friend, please use the links on the website to click through to Waterstones and Amazon. This won't cost you any more but it does mean that the campaign receives some commission on each sale. I promise that any money received this way will go back into funding future plans for the campaign and not in my pocket.